Data contributed by Exeter University


Soanes, Darren; Nhani, Antonio; João L. Nunes Maciel; J Talbot, Nicholas (2017): Genome assemblies of Magnaporthe oryzae. figshare.

Following data were provided by Prof. Nick Talbot and Dr. Darren
Soanes from Exeter University, UK.

Genome assemblies and predicted genes from:

BR62Eleusine indica infecting strain
PGKYLolium infecting strain
PGPALolium infecting strain
PY36.1_v2 – wheat blast
PY86.1_v2 – wheat blast
PY0925 – wheat blast
PY5003 – wheat blast
PY5010 – wheat blast
PY5033_v2 – wheat blast
PY6017 – wheat blast
PY6025 – wheat blast
PY6045 – wheat blast

Each zipped file contains genome assembly, predicted transcriptome, predicted proteome, and gff files.


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