Trinity assembly of Bangladesh wheat samples

Win, Joe; Kamoun, Sophien (2017): Transcriptome assembly of RNA-Seq data from field samples collected during wheat blast epidemic in Bangladesh 2016. figshare.
Retrieved: 09:35, Jul 14, 2017 (GMT)

All reads for each sample were assembled into transcripts using the Trinity software. The assemblies were uploaded without any modification.

Please click on the sample name to download the transcript assemblies.

Sample NameConditionSequencing Library ID (Total No. Reads)% of reads mapped to BR32No. transcriptsTranscriptome size (Mbp)Avg. contig lengthN50
F2AsymptomaticLIB21745 (82035004)0.0%161237120.237189745.721120
F5AsymptomaticLIB21746 (76894006)0.0%161111125.357778778.081178
F7AsymptomaticLIB21747 (89671978)0.0%144736118.761755820.541254
F12AsymptomaticLIB21748 (68817648)0.0%155040107.655586694.371024
2SymptomaticLIB21749 (74245806)0.5%211245152.933559723.961075
5SymptomaticLIB21750 (93,020,546)4.7%330668211.949173640.97898
7SymptomaticLIB21751 (46)0.3%199513112.534961527.63702
12SymptomaticLIB21752 (125,821,784)11.9%397980286.502899719.891110

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